Audrey was the kind of person who when she saw someone else suffering tried to take their pain on herself. She was a healer. She knew how to love. You didn’t have to be in constant contact with her to feel you had a friend. We always picked up right where we left off.” - Shirley Maclaine

She did the best that we could be; she was perfectly charming and perfectly loving. She was a dream. And she was the kind of dream that you remember when you wake up smiling.” - Richard Dreyfuss

Most people think of Audrey Hepburn as regal. I like to think of her as spunky. It was my good luck to be her first screen fellow, to hold out my hand and help her keep her balance while she made everybody in the world fall in love with her”- Gregory Peck

Actress, survivor, mother, friend, UNICEF ambassador, humanitarian, angel. Happy birthday beautiful Audrey on what would be your 85th birthday (May 4 1929)

                                  || “Don’t fuss dear; get on with it”- A.H ||